Holiday Craze

The holidays are in full swing as the stores are overflowing with goodies for the upcoming gift giving event of the year. You are feeling excited about the magic that happens this time of year. Everyone is joyous and singing carols as they go about their business. 

But wait… is everyone really that happy? Are things really that carefree and enjoyable? Probably not. The holidays can be happy and wonderful, however they also can be very trying and stessful. No one really wants to talk about the ugly side to the holidays. 

What is the ugly side? The Hollywood films make light of the ugly side as though it never happens in real life. Let me tell you, it does. 

You get through the start of the school year and breeze past Halloween with no problems. Then comes Thanksgiving. Okay, it shouldn’t be too bad. Everyone gets to stuff themselves silly and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure to buy gifts. 

Then barely after Thanksgiving Day is done, boom! Christmas is the main topic. The hustle and bustle of going to stores and searching online to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. All the running and stressing will leave you feeling worn out. That holiday spirit and happy carol singing will put you over the edge. 

How about you take a pause and don’t let it get that bad. Do you really need to buy the latest piece of technology or the hottest toy item this holiday season? Honestly, no. Will your kids be excited if they open those gifts? Of course they would to a certain extent, however they won’t remember the gifts years later in life. They will remember the feeling and being together. The time spent in one another’s company is what will make them remember their past Christmas experiences. 

Do you want to enjoy your time with your family? Then say no to being swept up in the latest fad and taking a pause. Have your kids write down one or two things they really want for Christmas and set a limit. Santa doesn’t need to empty the savings to afford presents. 

Kids too old for believing in Santa? Then make a new tradition by having all gifts be homemade, nothing store bought. Things from the heart. You may just find the magic of the season you have been missing. 

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