Honey, I’m Pregnant!

How to Tell Your Husband You are Expecting


You just peed on a stick and waited the long minute or two for your results. Waiting…waiting…waiting…Positive!!! First, congratulations! Whether this is your first pregnancy or your 7th, sharing the news with your husband (or significant other) is not something to just blurt out. You need to take the time to share the news in a fun, crafty way. Besides, it isn’t like you get to announce you are pregnant every day!

I have had three little monsters and have shared the news in a different way each time. My husband was not completely caught off guard for the first two because we had been planning for them. The third was a complete surprise (mommy got to have a little shock too!). Keep reading to see the three ways I shared my news with my husband.

1. A Card

Keeping it simple and sweet, choose a card. You can find one that says something sweet about going to be a dad or you can choose to write something yourself. Depending on your specific relationship you might want to choose something funny or sweet. You can leave the card somewhere he will find it or give it to him directly.

For our first child, I chose a card more on the sweet side. We had had Chinese food for dinner a few days before I found out I was pregnant. After eating my dinner I had my fortune cookie, and low and behold it read “your life is about to change for the better.” I purchased a card and wrote something personal inside along with taping the fortune and pregnancy test.

2. Have Your Older Child Share the News

If you have had a child previously, you may want to include your older child in sharing the news. There are a few different ways you could go about this, depending on how old your child is. You can have something subtle that your husband would come across naturally or perhaps you want it to be more obvious, like a shirt that says big bro or big sis.

For the second time around, I had my son help share the news. My son had been coloring (more like scribbling, he was only a year and a half) on some pieces of paper. I took the one piece of paper and wrote across the top “for my future sidekick.” Then when my husband came home from work, our son ran to hand over his beautiful artwork.

3. Little Mystery Box

Regardless of what number baby you are expecting, a little mystery gift box could be the perfect way to share the news. You can purchase a few little gifts that can have something to do with becoming a dad. Or you can be a little more mysterious and have a box of random little things he might like then hide the positive pregnancy test inside.

For our third child, I surprised my husband with a little gift. He had been away for his annual guys weekend. The kids and I picked up a few random little trinkets. I then tucked the pregnancy test inside the box. I knew he would be completely surprised learning of baby number three since this was also a shock to me!

No matter how you slice it, sharing your pregnancy news is very exciting! You should take the time to do something special when letting your husband or significant other know you are expecting. The adventure of motherhood is one I am glad to be taking. Enjoy every moment of it mama!

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